Progress Report #1

I am doing well so far. I’ve lost 2.8 lbs. I’ve exercised or hit 10K steps every day this month. I’m drinking insane amounts of liquid. I have eaten Paleo 90% of the time. I need to get better about logging food, so that is something I am going to focus on this week.

I feel like I am making progress with my physical fitness, but when I think about the shape I need to be in to hike the JMT and actually enjoy it… I start to feel really overwhelmed. There is a huge difference between going to the gym or even hiking outside in Nebraska and hiking an actual mountain at elevation. I’m very worried that I won’t be ready, even with 7 months to train.

I am going to focus on climbing stairs and walking on a steep incline on the treadmill. Those two activities are the best simulation I can think of. I am also going to build a box so I can do weighted step ups every night. Finally, I am joining my brother in law for a CrossFit workout once per week on Saturdays.

Once the weather warms up a little, I am going to throw in a long hike every weekend while wearing my backpack at full trail weight – 35 lbs. I’ll start at 2 hours and work up to 6 hours. I will need to buy a pass to Hitchcock Nature Center because that place has the best hills I’ve found in the local area. Fontenelle Forest and Neal Woods don’t compare.

I remember the hard time I had when I hiked the AT and don’t want a repeat performance. I have to to everything in my power to make sure I am ready. This is a once in a lifetime trip and I want to enjoy every mile on the trail.

Jan 2 Results

Logged my food, ate paleo, drank 80 oz of water and exercised for 20 minutes.

5 mins – 2.5 mph – 0% incline

5 mins – 2.5 mph – 3% incline

5 mins – 2.5 mph – 6% incline

5 mins – 2.5 mph – 3% incline

5 mins – 2.5 mph – 0% incline

I can’t belive how much 4 weeks of bronchitis affected my lung function. It’s going to take a little time to regain that. I still felt like I could give so much more when I got off the treadmill, but I don’t want to hurt myself. I’ll ramp things up slightly next week.

Jan 1 Results

Logged food, drank 80 oz water, ate paleo & got in 20 mins of exercise. 

5 min – 2.5 mph – 0% incline

5 min – 2.5 mph – 3% incline

5 min – 2.5 mph – 6% incline

5 min – 2.5 mph – 3% incline


I actually have a resolution for the first time in years.

In 2017, I will hike the John Muir Trail and summit Mt. Whitney.

Its going to take a lot of work for me to get there. I’ve got 8 rules to follow to help me get in shape over the next 7-8 months.

  1. Exercise a minimum of 20/min per day
  2. Drink 80 oz of water/day
  3. Do yoga 2x/week
  4. Lose 6lbs/month
  5. Track calories daily
  6. Eat a paleo diet
  7. Complete a minimum of 6 shakedown hikes
  8. Hike outdoors weekly wearing a pack

This is something I will need help with. I will need others in my life to help keep me on the right path, to speak up when they see me breaking the rules, to check in on me periodically. I’ll be reaching out. Please help me stay accountable.

If you can’t take a walk with me or join me at the gym, you can help out by purchasing something from my wishlists.

Hiking Gear on Amazon:

Food on Amazon:

Hiking Gear on REI:

Here’s to 2017 and all the potential it offers.

Itchy Feet

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

-Mark Twain



You’re wondering if I’m lonely;
OK then, yes, I’m lonely
as a plane rides lonely and level
on its radio beam, aiming
across the Rockies
for the blue-strung aisles
of an airfield on the ocean

You want to ask, am I lonely?
Well, of course, lonely
as a woman driving across country
day after day, leaving behind
mile after mile
little towns she might have stopped
and lived and died in, lonely

If I’m lonely
it must be the loneliness
of waking first, of breathing
dawn’s first cold breath on the city
of being the one awake
in a house wrapped in sleep

If I’m lonely
it’s with the rowboat ice-fast on the shore
in the last red light of the year
that knows what it is, that knows it’s neither
ice nor mud nor winter light
but wood, with a gift for burning

-Adrienne Rich